Top Tips for Taking Paris Subway

Top Tips for Taking Paris Subway

These tips are collected from our post-travelers who once get confused with tickets and encounter embarrassing situation when taking subways in Paris:
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Plan the fastest route

For first time travel, it is good to download the application Ratp which helps you to plan the quickest option from one stop to another in Paris. The application works for train, bus and subway options therefore, it is a very useful tool.

Know the rush hour of Metro

Paris Metro carries about 1,5 million passengers every year and at certain time of the day, the subway is filled up by people. These times are 08 -10am, 17.30 to 20.00pm. Though during the rush hour, the subway frequency is high ( 2 minutes ) yet for a better travel, avoid these time is the best. 

Minimize big station interchanges

The fact that big stations like Gare Du Nord, Mont Partnass, Gare De Lyon are big and crowded for most of the time, you may loose time to change the line from one side to another. They could only be good for changing from subway to on land trains RER to airport or Versailles.

Save money with tickets

If you travel more than 4 times a day by metro or bus, you should buy 1 day ticket instead of using single ones for each ride. 
The train RER from Paris centers to airport costs about € 10/ 1 way but you will have many buses like 93, 350, 351 that accept tickets of €2/ 1 way to the airport. It takes a little bit longer but it is 5 times cheaper !

Keep Your Ticket until you get out of the station

Make sure you keep the valid ticket that you used to enter the metro station until you finish your journey. Without proving that you have appropriate ticket, you will have to pay up to € 35 fine.

Last but not least, when traveling in big city like Paris, keep an eye on your belongings. Do not let a chance for pick pocket when you enjoy your moments in Paris. 

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