Top Paris Foods You Must Try

Top Paris Foods You Must Try

​How many times do people visit Paris in their life? Once? Maybe if they are lucky, they visit the French capital twice. So you better make the most of if by eating the best food French cuisine has to offer. Here’s what’s not to miss on your plate. 
French baguette
When having an image in your head of Paris, France, there is definitely wine involved or cheese, and French baguette offcourse. French baguettes are regarded as the best in the world. These superior breads are made by Artisan Boulanger (bread shop) and are an absolute must during your stay. Just make sure the baguettes have pointed ends. This means they have been made with hand. And while you’re at the bakery, try the pain au chocolat as well. These are mainly croissant with chunks of chocolate inside. 

We mentioned it earlier. Paris is well-known for its cheese. There are many cheese shops where you can buy high quality artisanal cheeses. From the mildest to the sharpest, you will have plenty to choose from. Make sure to pick raw-milk cheeses as these are the very best. Maybe you want to try a soft and creamy cheese, o rif you’re adventurous, a blue cheese. It’s hard to pick one of the famous French cheeses when in Paris. Roquefort, Fourme d’Ambert or Brie. It also goes very well together with a piece of baguette. 

They look colourful and delicious, and they really are! Macarons are as French as it can get. These little pastries have a crispy shell with flavored filling in the centre. Vanilla, chocolate, caramel of even fruit flavor are only a few of the wide range of flavours you can choose. I would say, try as many as you can. You’re in Paris only once right?

Nutella crêpe
Crepes or pancakes are so good, we like having them as breakfast eventhough they are more of a snack. And what about nutella? The delicious chocolate taste always makes us want more. Well, Paris is home to the combination of both. It would even be a shape not to try the nutella crêpe so no worries. No guilty feeling is justified when ordering these as breakfast or late afternoon snack. 

With a French name like that, it doesn’t need a lot of arguments to convince anyone trying this during their holiday in Paris. Croque monsieur is so delicious that most cafés or brasseries offer this non-stop. This crispy grilled ham and cheese sandwich is so easy to prepare but so delicious in the French capital. Maybe because the French add an extra touch of bechamel sauce on top of it. If you’re really hungry, you can try the croque-madame instead. This sandwich has an extra egg on top of it. 

After all these delicious snacks and candy, snails seem the less tasty dish to eat. However, escargots is a real treat! The additional garlic butter makes you forget you’re eating a snail. 

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