Top Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Every just married couple want his honeymoon destination to be idyllic. A fantastic all-inclusive romantic resort, beautifull beaches, great food and an exotic touch. You don’t have to travel to Bali or Thailand to find a top honeymoon destination. There are just around the corner in Europe. 

Santorini, Greece

White houses, blue roofs and a blue ocean make a stunning scenery to lure newly weds to the island Santorini in Greece. The houses, perched on a steep cliff are seperated with the turqoise water by colorful beaches making a great setting for evening walks. And if the scenery isn’t enough, there still is the great seafood. 

Tuscany, Italy

Cypress trees, leafy vineyards and sandy beaches. What do you need more spend your honeymoon? The possibility of spending your days sipping Chianti at a local winery, eating fresh pasta and exploring picturesque villages make this region in northern Italy an idyllic retreat. Tuscany is the Italian countryside you dream of. Enjoying la dolce vita is a perfect honeymoon holiday. 
Venice, Italy
We head to the East where the cities of Verona and Venice are some of the most romantic places in Europe. Verona is the birthplace of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette while Venice needs little explaining. Singing gondeliers rowing in a gondola on the narrow waterways of Venice is an image that immediately comes to mind when thinking of romantic destinations. 

Paris, France

The City of Light is a popular destination for a honeymoon. Strolling the coblled streets of Montmartre or sipping French wine during a river cruise on the Seine are just a few of the possibilities during your visit. At night, Paris is even more beautiful is and claims it’s name of being the city of lights easily. 
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French Riviera

Cities of Nice, Monaco and Cannes are only a few highlights of the French Riviera. This region in southern France is an idyllic setting fors pending your first days as a married couple. There are numerous fantastic beaches, turquoise water of the Mediterranean sea and perfect weather. Convinced? 
If you don’t need perfect weather and sandy beaches to enjoy your honeymoon, than Ireland might be a good suggestion. Despite the (sometimes) rainy weather, Ireland has a very romantic setting. From romantic cottages to lush green hills of the Irish countryside. I’ll bet you’ll forget about the rain. 

Amalfi coast, Italy

The Amalfi coast in Italy is a perfect example of Mediterranean beauty. It’s a place where coastal Mountains are plunging in to the sea. It’s with reason UNESCO has placed it on the World Heritage list. Aside from the romantic setting, Amalfi coastline is also renowned for its delicious food. 

Arctic honeymoon

If having 30 degrees temperatures is not what you’re looking for, why not spend your honeymoon in the Arctic? The northern regions of Sweden and Finland have some of the very best winterlandscapes. You can spend your days dogsledding or watching the northern lights. If you’re looking for a romantic accommodation to spend the nights, try the Ice Hotel, a hotel that is being rebuilt every year with snow and ice from the nearby village. Maybe not the best place to sit by the fireplace. 

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