Top 10 Paris Attractions for First Timer

Top 10 Paris Attractions for First Timer

Paris, known as " the city of light" boasts a wide array of attractions from cultural heritages, architect wonders to gastronomy highlights. Whether you land in Paris for a long France holiday or simply take a glance at the city, these top 10 places are definitely should be marked in your visiting list
eiffel photo

Eiffel Tower

Located by the bank of Seine River with the background of Champ de Mars park, Eiffel tower is the most iconic monument of France. Built in 1889 for the occassion of World Exposition, Eiffel offers stunning photogenic opportunities for photographers and wonderful selfie spot for all travelers. 
The tower has different prospect from day to night and it is incomplete to visit Paris without seeing Eiffel.
louvre museum

Louvre Museum

The world's biggest museum, Louvre is a perfect address to learn about art and culture not only from France but also worldwide. Housing a large collection with over 1 million objects and artifacts, Lourve Museum may take at least 1 day to complete a visit. 
For many visitors, taking a photo by the Louvre pyramid and beholding the famous " Mona Lisa" are the musts !
montre martre

Montre Martre Hill

One of the most popular spots to enjoy the grand view of Paris, Montre Martre is a very nice area to start your day in Paris. The most notable architect in this area is Sacre du Coeur church while its backstreets gives you chances to interact with street artists. Do not miss the chance to explore the striking white-domed basillica of this church.
medici fountain

Luxembourg Garden

Known as Jardin De Luxembourg in French, this public is a good treat after some sightseeing inside the city. There are hug play grounds for childen and they can participate in puppet show, sailing small boats. In summer, the park is very colorful and relaxing.

Orsay Museum

For art lovers, it is hard to resist Musee d'Orsay for many reasons. The museum displays the best collection of impressionist paintings and thousands of artworks between mid 1880 and early 1990s. You will find the precious painting of Van Gogh, Monet, Cezane and many others here.

Centre Pompidou

Set in 4th district of Paris, this cultural centre is named after Georges Pompidou, the French Presidence from 1969 to 1974. It is designed in high-tech style, housing a vast library. Centre Pompidou often holds art exhibition while its rooftop is a very good place to snap the city view.
notre dame

Notre Dame Cathedral

A prominent architect by Seine River, Notre Dame de Paris treasures the French Gothic Architect as well Christian value. For those who already know many versions of Notre Dame all over the world, this cathedral is the biggest. 
arc triomphe

Arc De Triomphe

One of the most admirable monuments in France, Arc De Triomphe was constructed in 1806 to memorize the triumph battles of Napeleons the Grand. Standing on 164 feet high, the arc depicts the victories and named the warriors participated. Personally, we think any Paris City Tour is incomplete without this site. 

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