Things not to miss in France

Things not to miss in France

France is huge. It makes it even harder to choose what to see and what not. Do you want to sip champagne, see medieval castles or stroll in the broad avenues of Paris? France is quite diverse with the Alps in the East and the Mediterranean coast in the South. If you really can’t decide, let us give you some advice on what’s not to miss when in France. 


There is no denying. The French capital is must stop when you’re traveling in France. Described as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is a place anyone should visit at least once. Landmarks such as Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame and let’s not forget, the Eiffel Tower are a must see. If you still have time left in the French capital, why not pay a visit to Versailles? 
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Mont Saint Michel

A medieval castle on an island that only can be reached when tides are low. It sounds like the screen play of a fantasy movie, but it’s very real. Mont Saint Michel is a place were medieval architecture meets nature forces. The city has been place don UNESCO World Heritage list as one of the very first and is a national symbol ever since. 

The Loire Valley

The river Loire is twisting across the green landscape and is the setting for some magnificent architecture. Medieval castles are dotted on the river banks connecting fabulous lands of vineyards. The Loire valley is easily explored by the 280 kilometer long route alongside the river. 


From the valley of Chamonix one can see the highest mountain in Western Europe: Mont Blanc. The white mountain however is not the only reason why the streets of Chamonix are filled with mountaineers, hikers and day tourists. The impressive Aguille du Midi is a great view from the center of Chamonix. The French city not only attracts mountaineers but also adventurous daredevils who love to paraglide from Europe’s highest peaks. 

Lascaux II

When four boys desperatly try to save their dog who is stuck in a cave, they are about to make a discovery of a lifetime. As one of the boys is lowered down in the cave, he discovers a system of caves with over 1500 well-preserved paintings and engravings of wild animals. The paintings dated back 17000 years and were made by the hand of the early Homo Erectus. Lascaux II however is an exact replica of the caves since the artworks started to fade. 

Route des vins d’Alsace

No holiday in France is complete without sipping some of their best wines. The Alsace region is best described as endless terraced vineyards, adorable villages and medieval castles. The Wine route leads from Marlenheim to Thann and enchants tourists by its wine history. 

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