Paris Metro Tickets

Paris Metro Tickets

To use Metro/ subway inside Paris, a valid ticket is a must. At busy stations, you will always find both ticket machine and ticket counter though they may be located at different direction. You can also buy tickets at certain tobacco shop which mention RATP tickets ( official logo of Paris Metro)

One subway ticket costs €1.90, valid for one journey including connecting metros. For example if your destination is a stop at line 8 while you are staying at line 3, you can use this ticket to the connect 2 metros or even 10. 
Ticket purchasing options include: 1 ticket, 1 carnet or 10 tickets for €16, 1 week ticket/ pass, 1 month pass – cart Navigo or even 1 year pass. 
Metro ticket can be used for bus also. 

- When buying tickets, choose English option and verify the zone you want to travel to. Zone 1 to Zone 3 refers to the districts of Paris City while zone 4-5 indicates the area of suburb and airports. This means ticket for zone 1 can not be used for zone 4 and the price differs accordingly as well.
- If you go to the airport by train, make sure you buy the ticket which covers up to zone 5 or airport ticket.  In case you do not represent a correct ticket, a fine of €35 will be placed.
- Keep the ticket until you complete the journey and get out of the train station. If train supervisor finds that you do not have a ticket, it is understood that you have traveled without ticket and you have to pay a big fine of €35
- If you travel during the night, you will find many night bus who replace the route of subway. 
- When it comes to an alert for private cars, Paris Subway can be opened for free to all publics. 

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