How to Use Paris Metro Subway

How to Use Paris Metro Subway

There are 300 metro stations in Paris, featuring 16 lines connecting 20 districts of Paris as well its neighboring cities like Pantin, Bobinny. Metro lines are called by number from 1 to 14 with additional service for lines 3b, 7b.
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Paris Metro Schedules

The subway starts time is about 5.30 and finish around 00.40. For weekend, it finish around 1.40 am and sometimes even later for public holiday. 
Depending on each line, the frequency varies from 2 minutes in rush hour to 10 minutes during off hours. There are electric clock mentioning the how long you will have to wait for the next subway to come on every platform.
You can use download the app : RATP to know better the subway schedule.

Metro Map

You can download directly the metro map on our website:
Small Metro Map
Metro Map with street names
Download from official website

Metro Zone definition

Zone 1 -3 covers major parts of the city and some nearby cities. 
For visitor, zone 4 is for Versail Castle and zone 5 is for Charles De Gaule Airport. 

Metro Tickets

Metro tickets can be purchased at Metro station through ticket counter, ticket vending machines or at a tobacco shop. Machine often accepts only coins and credit card, no notes. 
Single ticket is recognized with the big letter T+ indicating that you can use the ticket for bus, subway, tramway and RER dans Paris ( inside Paris only).
Ticket price differs from ages.

One day ticket
Ticket Mobilis or one day ticket is good for unlimited subway rides during its operating time. It terms of appearance, it is mostly the same with an ordinary 1 single ticket but you can use it for all journeys within the day.
This ticket price costs € 7,3 for zone 1 to 3, € 11,4 for zone 4 and €22,5 if you travel from zone 5 ( airport).

Multi days Ticket
Known as Paris Visite, the multi day ticket is designed to serve tourist who stay from 2 to 7 days in Paris, wanting to travel by subway during the sightseeing, visit. 
Like one day ticket, it is a multi-used paper 

Buying ticket Before you travel
You actually can do this online. The online Paris Vasite ticket costs € 24 including delivery charge for US, other country or € 14 for United Kingdom.

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