Discover French Gourmet by Regions

Discover French Gourmet by Regions

French Gourmet is often described as culinary art and with an refined haute cuisine it’s hardly an understatement. In a country as big as France you won’t be surprised the French cuisine has many different regional dishes. If you are a true foodie you will love experiencing food tourism through the different regions of France. Taste the very best France has to offer. 
coq au vin
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Burgundy is impossible not to travel to if you want to enjoy some of France’s best cuisine. This region is well-known for its French food, wines and cheese. The identity of Burgundy food lies in the tasty combination of meat, chicken and fish with the best wines the region has to offer. Plates like Boeuf Bourguignone, Coq au Vin and Oeufs en Meurette are typical regional dishes. And yes, even the traditional frogs legs and escargots (snails!) prepared in garlic better are on the menu if you dare choosing it as a meal. 

loire cuisine

Loire Valley

The Loire is famous for the many beautiful chateaux and charming villages, but apart from that is has something to offer to French cuisine as well. Let’s kick off with fruits and vegetables that grow in this superb climate. Strawberries, cherries, melon and the famous ‘Champignons de Paris’. Besided fruits and vegetables, dishes of wild game are quite popular in this area. 

Champagne and Alsace region

This region near the eastern border has some Germanic influences foodwise. Game and ham are key ingredients in regional dishes here. And besides the Quiche Loraine which has its origin in this area, the most well-known speciality is champagne. This sparkling wine has a reputation world wide and visiting one of the Champagne houses where you can taste this liquid speciality with a piece of cheese is just a must. 


This coastline in the north of France supplies alot of the seafood offered in the restaurants in this region.  From scallops, lobster to mussels. Besides delicious seafood, Normandy is particular famous for Calvados and Camembert, two of France’s most cherished specialities. 


Offcourse the region of Bordeaux is famous for its wines. However, besides the wines that are present in lots of dishes, the region is the birthplace of foie gras. Duck is another kind of meat that you will find on almost any menu. 

The South

Further to  the south poultry and saucages will play a more prominent role in dishes. Saucisse de Toulouse may be the best one of all and is being used in the signature dish of the south: cassoulet. The combination of saucages and haricot beans is a dish being offered on every restaurant menu. Bouillabaise is another certitude, with origins in Marseille. 


We’re heading towards the Italians border and foodwise this is noticable. Olive oils, mediterranean seafood, truffel, garlic and anchovies make their way into Provençal dishes and sauces. Rosés wines are lighter here than in the north, and the aperitif Pastis is being served before every meal. 

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