Best Parks and Gardens in Paris

Best Parks and Gardens in Paris

Parisians love this park. Setting around the Palais Du Luxembourg, this park is a perfect place for sunbathing, sail toy boats and sometimes enjoy the temporary art, photo exhibition. 
Jardin Des Tuileries
Before becoming a part of Louvre Museum like now, the garden were laid out in the 17th century as part of the old Palace. Jaridin des Tuileriies connects Louvre and Palace de Concorde, stretching along Louvre museum with scenic walkways filled by lime and chesnut trees. 
Jardin Des Plantes
If you seek for a tranquil escape in the city, this is a wonderful spot to do so. Established as a medical herb garden for the king in 1635, the garden covers 23,5 hecta, featuring botanical garden 

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