Adventures You Should Take in France

Adventures You Should Take in France

‘Life is one big adventure, or nothing at all.’ It’s a famous quote inspiring many people to go out and have an adventure. And maybe you are one of them. If sightseeing just doesn’t do the trick, here are a few adventurous activities to add to your itinerary when visiting France. 
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Climb Mont Blanc

Why not start with the biggest adventure? Literally. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe and is located in the Frenc Alps near Chamonix. Despite being one of the deadliest ascents, it’s a technical easy climb. Mont Blanc’s summit is located at 4810 meters and is best to be attempted via the Gouter route. Just make sure to book yourself a guide and acclimatize well. 

Run the Marathon de Paris

Maybe you think mountaineering is a bit too much of an adventure and you would like to keep your feet on lower grounds. Why not on the streets of Paris? Every year in the mont of April, the city of Paris hosts one of the biggest marathons in the world. About 50000 participants run 42k and explore the city while doing it. Maybe you can cross running a marathon off your bucket list.  

Conquer the Mont Ventoux

No climb is as legendary as the Mont Ventoux during the Tour de France. Some claim it is the hardest climb during the Tour de France and maybe they are right. Many professional cyclists had to exceed their limits while conquering this mythical stage. The climb is about 21 kilometer and will take you about one hour and a half. If you think you’re up for the record, you have to aim to reach the summit in 55 minutes. 

Kayak the Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon is one of the most picturesque canyons in France. Located in the Provence between the Var and the Alpes de Haute Provence, it’s no surprise this river canyon is a main tourist attraction. Most people walk in the area but if you want to see the canyon from a different perspective, try kayaking the river. The emeral waters are beautiful to paddle but be aware of the rapids during your 22kilometer journey. 

Adventure in Chamonix

Chamonix is considered as the Mecca for thrillseeking adventurers. Not only is it the best place to start your Mont Blanc climb, but the Chamonix valley is ideal for paragliding. Surrounding Mountains like the Aiguilles rouges or Aiguille du Midi offer breathtaking launching platforms for your tandem flight. Paragliding is the best way to experience flying like a bird and only requires a lack of vertigo. When in Chamonix you can not miss out on the many hiking opportunities. This French valley is the starting point for the Tour du Mont Blanc, probably the most beautiful hike in Europe. In about ten days you’ll walk around the Mont Blanc massif, reaching heights over 3000 meter. 

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